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FSA Online Resource Guide



FSA Online Resource Guide
These onine-based resources cover a wide range of financial literacy and personal finance topics. Here you can find a variety of materials on issues for individual and group use, such as budgeting, career, investment, and retirement. There's something for all ages! Many of the resources have been created by the FSA in workshops or classes.

Big Purchases
Looking to buy a home? Purchase a car? Then you've come to the right place for information on planning and paying for those important purchases!

Budgeting and Savings
Check out these resources on how to get started with budgeting and savings, which will help you reach your financial goals!

Career and Employment
Browse through information on employment and issues at the workplace. These resources have been compiled by local agencies or the federal government.

Credit and Debt Management
Learn to use your credit wisely and understand debt. These resources can help you to manage your credit and make plans for getting out of debt.

Finances for the Classroom and Workshops
Check out these materials that can be used in the classroom or at workshops. These resources have either been developed by FSA, or have been used by FSA in workshops. 

Fraud and Consumer Protection
What are the warning signs of a scam? How can you avoid spending too much money on cashing your check? Where can you turn if you've been a victim of fraud? These resources can help answer some of those important questions.

Finances for the Holidays
How can you celebrate the holidays without breaking the bank? Check out these locally developed resources that will help you along the road to financial stability, even during the holidays!

Finances for Youth and Young Adults
It's never too early to get on the road to financial stability! These resources are geared specifically toward youth and young adults.

It's never too early or too late to start growing your money! Check out these resources for everything on the basics of investment. Or you can dive deeper into more complex investing topics. 

Merging Your Finances 
Are you married or in a serious relationship? Finances can be a big deal! Learn about managing your finances together through these helpful materials. 

These are resources which will help you on the road to retirement. Learn about managing and growing your finances in preparation for the future.

Tax Assistance
Need information on preparing your taxes? Don't know where to turn for tax help? Check out these local resources and materials that will make taxes and tax season a lot more manageable. 


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