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Budgeting and Savings

This section offers websites, documents, and podcasts to help you on the path to successful budgeting and saving!



Check out the American Institute of CPAs's 4 steps for better budgeting!

America Saves
Visit this website focused primarily on savings, in the form of blogs, tips, and calculators. America Saves is a campaign coordinated by the nonprofit Consumer Federation of America (CFA).

Basics of Budgeting
Did you know that only 39% of Americans have a budget and follow it? Be one of the few and the proud! Check out these basics about budgeting from the Indiana Secretary of State's Office.

Budget Blaster Worksheet
A great, simple budget worksheet for kids that features a hulking hero for inspiration and works well in conjunction with a financial literacy-themed Marvel comic and accompanying teacher's guide.

Budgeting Worksheets
Check out a variety of easy-to-use worksheets from that can help you create a budget and stick with it. 

Grow up Great
This Sesame Street website gives parents and caregivers the resources to teach children about money.

Indiana College Costs Estimator

This website goes over the different costs for college and will help you estimate your personal college cost.

Money as You Grow
This website offers a wealth of information to help kids lead financially smart lives. It is a project of President Obama President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability.

Practical Money Skills for Life
How do you save for daily necessities and big life events? This website is a great place to start in discovering savings tips and how to create a budget. 

Savings Calculator
Calculate how quickly your savings can add up! This savings calculator from also adjusts for inflation.

Smart Saving for College
Are you or your child heading to college in the future? Then don't miss out on this website full of resources on saving for college and earning a degree without breaking the bank.


For many, summertime means vacations to exotic places. But if you're strapped for cash this summer, consider a Staycation. This website provides ideas for fun and inexpensive adventures waiting just outside your front door!

Student Budget Calculator
Thinking about college? Be financially prepared before you go! This calculator will show you the differnce between your potential expenses adn income as a student.

Tips for Daily Savings
You can find savings tips here on groceries, fun spending, dining out, and pay day loans.

"Ins and Outs of Money" Podcasts
"Ins and Outs of Money" is a radio segment providing economic education to keep your budget balanced, and connecting you to community resources that help you keep your finances functioning.

America Saves Week
Every year, promotes a week of awareness encouraging Americans to strategize to save. Ashley and Jason talk about the strategies they are presenting on saving automatically and saving for retirement.

Emergency Fund
Experts recommend an emergency savings fund that reflects 3-6 months of your annual household salary. Ashley and Sarah interview local community members about whether or not they have an emergency fund, how they have set it up, and real life examples of emergency expenses.

Financial Fitness
Unfortunately two of the biggest barriers to an exercise routine are time and money. While they can’t put more hours in your day, Ashley and Sarah can help you keep fitness affordable.

Beating Gas Prices
Discover ways to stretch your gas dollars, from exploring more fuel efficient cars, to the MPGs you can get on a bicycle. You can use your financial literacy skills to beat high gas prices!

Financial Horror Stories, Part 1
Financial Horror Stories, Part 2

Ashley and Sarah share some scary stories of financial woe, and offer ways to fight debt demons and money monsters on The Ins and Outs of Money, our weekly segment providing economic education to keep your budget balanced, and connecting you to community resources that help you keep your finances flourishing.

Financial Literacy and Budgeting
Jason talks with residents of Bloomington, IN, about budgets, why they have them, why they don't, and how they are the building block of financial literacy.

Food and Money, Part 1
Food and Money, Part 2
Food and Money, Part 3

Kayte Young of Mother Hubbard's Cupboard discusses how food smarts and financial literacy go hand-in-hand for a healthier lifestyle.

Food Savings at Home
Food is a flexible expense, but that doesn't mean you can live without it. Hear some tips from Ashley and Jason about how to better spend your money on food that you prepare and eat at home.

Making an Airtight Budget
Ashley and Jason take on the personas of Trackley and MC to illustrate how to effectively track expenses and then use that data to help make a solid budget. You'll find out that it might seem easier than it actually is!

Nuts and Bolts of Budgeting
Lots of people talk about how important budgeting is, but in this episode Ashley and Jason tell you budgets work and how you can get to working on your own quickly.

Paycheck Deductions
Ashley and Jason talk about the joys of receiving your first paycheck, and also the confusion all of those acronyms on it may cause.

Paying for College, Part 1
Paying for College, Part 2

Jason talks about the importance of having a plan to save for college. He then interviews Carrie Sue Shaver of the 21st Century Scholars program, who describes the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), some of the rules associated with it, how important it is, and how easy it is to fill out.

Personal Finance Books
Coming up next–the Monroe County Public Library has over four hundred personal finance books to help you with budgeting, investing, saving, and retiring. Learn how to find the right book for you and discover some of the most popular financial authors, for WFHB’s weekly financial segment The Ins and Outs of Money.
Pets, Part 1
Pets, Part 2
Thinking about getting a new feathered or furry friend? Emily Herr from the Bloomington Animal Shelter joins Ashley and Sarah to discuss how adding a new pet can effect your finances.

Saving Money in Freezing Temperatures
We're still in the middle of a winter that has featured historic winter storms and now, in Indiana, exceedingly low temperatures. How do we stay warm without breaking the bank? Ashley and Jason discuss simple and quick tips as well as long-term solutions to keep the heat in the house!

Savings, Part 1
Savings, Part 2
Jason talks with residents of Bloomington about the importance of "paying yourself first" with a savings plan. The differences between banks and credit unions are discussed, and how either is a safer place to keep your money than, say, your mattress. In part 2, he explains compound interest and tips about finding the right institution in which to place your money are given.

Services for the Unbanked, Part 1
Services for the Unbanked, Part 2

Ashley and Jason talk about what it means to be unbanked and underbanked, why opening a bank account can be a convenient and money smart move, and what kind of services Bloomington has to offer for those who need help either getting started or maintaining a bank account.

Tips for Travel, Part 1
Tips for Travel, Part 2
Jason and Ashley talk about how to cut costs when you go traveling this summer.

Tips From Monroe County Money Smart Week
Did you miss Monroe County Money Smart week? Don’t worry! Ashley and Sarah share the top ten lessons learned from all the week’s financial events and workshops.

Top 10 Reasons You Aren't Rich, Part 1
Top 10 Reasons You Aren't Rich, Part 2
Ashley and Sarah discuss a recent article about the top 10 reasons why people aren't rich. The show reviews the reasons and explores strategies to adjust your own behavior.

Winter Doldrums
Dark winter days getting you down? Find out some creative ways to beat the blues without breaking the bank.

Winterize Your Home
Colder temperatures are here! Learn how to prepare your home to be warm, energy efficient, and cost effective, for WFHB’s weekly financial segment the Ins and Outs of Money, our weekly segment providing economic education and community resources that keep your budget balanced and your finances flourishing.


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