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Fraud and Consumer Protection

You've come to the right place for local and federal resources and podcasts dedicated to protecting your finances and preventing fraud. 



Attorney General Indiana
The Office of the Indiana Attorney General works to protect the rights of citizens in Indiana. On this website, you can learn how to prevent identity theft, sign up for fraud alerts, or file a consumer complaint. 

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
The website of the federal government's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is easy to navigate, and has resources to compare loan options, submit a consumer complaint, and get assistance. 

Federal Consumer Protection Agency
Where can you turn for ideas about protecting your privacy and identity, while avoiding potential scams? This Federal Trade Commission website can help answer this question and many more!

Payday Lending
The Center for Responsible Lending sheds light on all the facts of payday lending through resources and articles such as, "How a Short-Term Loan Becomes Long-Term Debt."

State and National Numbers for Consumer Protection
This document has state and national phone numbers for helping reduce scams and protect your identity. The Financial Stability Alliance for South Central Indiana has developed this handy resource. 

Watch Out for Payday Lenders
In this article by AARP, "The New Loan Sharks: Payday lenders have more tricks up their sleeves," personal stories and tips about how to avoid payday lending scams are discussed. 

"Ins and Outs of Money" Podcasts
"Ins and Outs of Money" is a radio segment providing economic education to keep your budget balanced, and connecting you to community resources that help you keep your finances functioning.

Fraud and Scams
Credit card scams and identity theft aren’t as rare as you think. Learn how to protect yourself from fraud and find out about resources to be an informed consumer.

Payday and Refund Anticipation Loans
Ashley and Jason act out a common situation: Running out of money before all your bills are paid. Jason thinks he might go to a Payday Loan place for some temporary help, but Ashley clues him in to how Payday Loan places are really predatory lenders who charge up to 500% APR for temporary loans. Ashley and Jason both remind listeners about the importance of a financial plan and of local and national resources that can help make those plans a reality.

Planning for Your Tax Refund
Jason and Ashley talk about how planning -- the cornerstone of financial literacy -- is appropriate for tax refunds, too. They also talk about the predatory lending practice of "Refund Anticipation Loans," which tend to take advantage of those with poor financial literacy and planning skills.

Student Loan Debt, Part 1
Student Loan Debt, Part 2
Ashley and Jason reflect on the state of student loans in America. For the first time in history, student loan debt has surpassed credit card debt in America. Why do people choose to take student loans? Why are they beneficial? And how can you avoid getting into trouble?

Renter's Insurance
Ashley and Jason talk renter's insurance on the "Ins and Outs of Money" and how to protect your rental.

Who Can You Trust?
Ashley and Jason discuss who you can trust when it comes to financial advice, and why that question is so important to think about.


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