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Holiday Resources


Recovering from the Holidays
How can you stay on budget, while enjoying the holidays? Check out this PowerPoint from Travis Waugh, a Senior Training and Communications Specialist at Indiana University, to gain some useful tips on budgeting for the holidays.

Holiday Spending and Savings Tips
This FSA-created handout offers great tips for enjoying the holidays without breaking the bank. You can also learn about handy money-saving smartphone apps and resources for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) gifts. 

"Ins and Outs of Money" Podcasts
"Ins and Outs of Money" is a radio segment providing economic education to keep your budget balanced, and connecting you to community resources that help you keep your finances functioning.

Black Friday: Deal or No?
We love it and hate it and get swept up in it or ignore it completely -- Black Friday. How did it start? How can you keep from getting too caught up? And is it really a deal?

Budgeting for the Holidays
In 2011, Americans, on average, spent more than $700 apiece on the holidays. But did they budget for that? Ashley and Jason talk about holiday spending awareness, and how a little bit of planning goes a long way to making sure you don't spend too much when it comes to holiday time.

Don't Go Broke on Valentine's Day
Did you know that Valentine's Day is second only to Christmas when it comes to individuals spending money on gifts? If you're one of the millions that chooses to buy into this holiday, Ashley and Jason have some tips to keep it from breaking the bank (but not necessarily your heart).

Halloween Spending and Saving
Did you know that Americans spend 8 billion dollars celebrating Halloween? Ashley and Sarah walk you through the typical spending and offer places to save while still having a fun and safe holiday.

Holiday Spending
The holidays are here! This can be a budget-busting time of year if you aren’t careful. Ashley and Sarah will help you keep your holiday spending down with some useful and creative tips.

How Real People Spend Money at the Holidays
Ashley and Jason ask folks in Bloomington, IN about one of the best ways to save money at the holidays: Making your own gifts! Ideas and tips are offered by expert DIY gift givers. They also talk about some innovative strategies for buying store bought gifts for large groups of people.

Keep Your Financial New Year's Resolution
"Save Money" is always one of the most popular New Year's Resolutions. But what steps can you take to make sure that your resolution actually resolves? Ashley and Jason discuss how budgeting is the key to make your resolution stick.

Keeping Resolutions
If financial resolutions were part of your New Year’s resolutions, Ashley and Sarah are here to help you strategize how to keep those promises strong all year long.

New Year's Resolutions
Planning on making a New Year’s Resolution this year? If spending less or saving more are part of your goals, stay tuned!

Saving Money on Thanksgiving
Here's something you'll be thankful for -- Ashley and Jason talk about how much Americans spend each year on Thanksgiving, and then give helpful tips to avoid spending too much this year!

SMART Goals for the New Year
Most new year financial goals go unrealized. To help make this year different, use the SMART goal method , which Ashley and Jason explain with examples in this week's Ins and Outs of Money!

Thanksgiving Spending
Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Ashley and Sarah will help you plan your holiday meal and the post-turkey shopping spree known as Black Friday.

Valentine's Day
Did you know 18.6 billion dollars are spent every year on Valentine’s Day? Ashley and Sarah break down where all that money goes and offer some ideas to help you stay romantic within reason.

Wise Holiday Spending Resources
Ashley and Jason go over more tips to make your holidays more joyful and less stressful (and debt-ful). Tips on making gifts, holiday budgets, and even smartphone apps to that'll keep you in check as you make your holiday list and check it twice.


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