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About United Way of Monroe County

For over 60 years, United Way of Monroe County has improved people’s lives. With your support, About United Way of Monroe County: United Way of Monroe County is a nonprofit organization that improves the lives and futures of all people in the community. We bring together expertise, funding and volunteer support to positively impact the resilience of our community, and those who live within it. In partnership with others, we work to eliminate inequities experienced by low-income and diverse populations so that all people have a safe, healthy home environment, achieve their educational potential, and increase their financial stability. We commit to building bridges across cultural, racial, religious, and economic boundaries. We create and sustain solutions to the most pressing issues in Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties.

When you give to United Way of Monroe County’s Community Action Fund, member agencies are given the tools to address the most pressing needs in our area. Those quality agencies can use these funds for immediate good and as matching funds to bring state, federal, and private grants into our community.

The United Way Community Investment Committee (comprised of United Way Board members and other volunteers) reviews applications from member agencies requesting funds to support community programs focused on ten specific goals. Using the most recent community needs assessment, this committee determines where monies donated to the Community Action Fund will have the greatest impact.

And because of United Way coordination, member agencies spend less of their own money and energy on fundraising efforts. We also offer our members agencies and other local nonprofits access to resources, materials, technical support, and professional development opportunities.

Each United Way member has been carefully reviewed, adheres to an inclusive non-discrimination policy, and meets stringent standards of nonprofit efficiency, effectiveness, governance, and transparency.

In addition to working with our member agencies, United Way of Monroe County also works with numerous partners on collaborative initiatives.

We are proud to be certified members of United Way Worldwide and the Indiana United Ways, but retain local control—all of our decisions are made locally. Over 98% of your gift remains in Monroe County helping families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers.

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