Our Shared Impact

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Reimagine Our Future

Let’s rebuild a more equitable and resilient future. Together, we can help lift up our neighbors to build a stronger community.

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Resilient individuals are created when we strengthen families and the community that surrounds them.

That’s why we focus on empowering families socially, mentally, physically, and economically.

A resilient community surrounds individuals and families and offers connection and opportunities for all. We come together in times of crisis and need, making sure no one is left behind.

That’s why we focus on bringing people together around big issues both proactively, and in response to the unexpected.

A resilient safety net makes sure that no one in our community goes without having their basic needs of food, shelter, healthcare, and personal safety met.

That’s why we focus on food and nutrition, shelter and housing options, financial help to pay the bills, and more.

Please join others and be a part of something bigger than you’d thought possible. Help reimagine, rebuild, and reshape a future open to new possibilities, new ways of doing things for all.

Embracing the Challenge as a United Way Family  

When you give to United Way, you become part of a family of donors who embrace the challenge of a new future and who desire meaningful change for their neighbors who need help. Your generosity is your voice in reshaping a more equitable and resilient tomorrow for our entire community.     

Your ongoing contributions meant that United Way was ready to respond quickly to the pandemic - bringing partners together and getting life-changing support to people in need. Since March 2020, above and beyond our annual agency grants, an additional $2.2 million in COVID Relief Funds has been directed to help families in Monroe, Owen, Greene, and Brown counties.

Just as your support helped ensure a quick response to the pandemic, your help paves the way for United Way to lead the response to emerging needs, like housing insecurity and homelessness, hunger, and flood relief in the region.

Thank you for being a part of something bigger as, together, we help build resilience in the days ahead. 

The Impact of Your Donation

  • $1/week provides clean blankets for 10 people displaced during disasters or emergencies
  • $2/week provides delivered groceries to make at least six meals each month for 50 homebound individuals
  • $5/week provides a child from a low-income family the opportunity to go to summer camp
  • $10/week provides help for 28 domestic abuse survivors to obtain new or replacement drivers licenses
  • $20/week provides a five-week parenting group with childcare and dinner for 4 families

Your Impact Last Year:

  • 95% of people residing in transitional shelter were able to move into stable, long-term housing.
  • 8,718 community members accessed affordable housing, financial products, and services.
  • 3,957 school-age youth participated in mentoring or after-school programs.
  • 57,807 hours of tutoring provided to 532 children.
  • 679 children in K-3 received literacy supports.
  • 260 people learned or were provided assistance with budgeting and money management.
  • 34,771 people participating in physical activity or healthy food access and nutrition programs.
  • 6,781 adults and children accessed physical and mental healthcare services and supports.