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Reimagine a Better Normal

This year, supporting United Way helps to Reimagine a future that works for everyone by embracing big ideas, big solutions. United Way works to empower people and create a resilient community. The work starts now!

James and Bella were managing before the pandemic, but just barely. They each worked long shifts but were still living paycheck-to-paycheck. Neither could even afford health insurance.

Then, their world shifted dramatically in March. Bella contracted COVID-19 and couldn’t work for a month. Her health recovered, but because her parents were at high risk, she and James stopped asking them to care for their kids, Dev and Leela.

When James’ workplace closed, they filed for unemployment, but with no income they had already fallen behind on bills and feared eviction. This quickly became the roughest time of their lives.

After connecting with United Way, the couple was connected with services through agencies kept afloat by the COVID-19 Relief Fund such as rental assistance, legal counsel, virtual mental health services, childcare, and even meals for Bella’s parents. 

“The free food we got every other week from the food bank along with some other pantries literally kept us from going hungry,” Bella said. “I have no idea how we would have fed our family without that help. It’s been hard. We're so thankful to live in a community that came together to help us out when we were really struggling.”  


Reimagine a better normal.  

What if we Reimagine how pressing issues are addressed, how we bring community resources together to solve problems, and how we can spark transformative, powerful changes?

Reimagine a future that works for all by embracing big ideas, big solutions. Join together in building a more equitable, just, and resilient community.  

The work starts now. Give today.

Your donation to United Way impacts 1 in 3 lives locally. And 90% of clients served at member agencies are low- to moderate-income.
In March 2020 the need for community-wide coordination around COVID-19 relief efforts became clear. United Way of Monroe County partnered with local and regional organizations to launch the COVID-19 Community Coalition. This effort brought leaders from all sectors of the community to share updates, measure impact, and respond effectively. 
And the community answered the call -- contributing more than $1.6 million to be distributed to groups and nonprofits serving families hardest hit by the pandemic.

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Your funds stay local, at work 24/7 achieving life-changing results through a network of member agencies, United Way led initiatives, and supported community partners.  

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Your Donation Builds Resilience:

  • $1/week provides 2 individuals with advice letters about their legal rights and responsibilities.
  • $2/week provides a family with rent or utility assistance.
  • $5/week provides one week of high-quality, licensed preschool for a child.
  • $10/week provides a home-delivered meal to 5 local homebound seniors each week.
  • $20/week provides 12 individual therapy sessions.

Your Impact Last Year:

  • 2,687 local residents were provided with free legal advocacy and representation for matters such as housing, protective orders, tax issues, and SNAP benefits. These services were critical to Bella and James when they needed help with food and resolving an eviction notice.  
  • Like Bella and James, 2,873 households – including over 1,150 children, elderly, and people with disabilities – were assisted with housing.  
  • 1,021 community members, including Bella and James and their two children, received preventive and emergency health care services at no or low-cost.  
  • 1,190 at-risk community members, 55% of them children, participated in mental health services at no or low-cost. Services like this helped James overcome alcohol issues.  
  • 441 infants and children were cared for in high-quality early-learning programs and 93% of these children reached developmental milestones.  
  • 478 school children received supports like clothing, shoes, school supplies, medical services, and special transportation assistance so they could fully participate in classes.

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