Serving Monroe, Owen, and Greene Counties

Our Staff


Efrat Feferman
Executive Director

efrat (at)
  /  ext. 15

Contact me about organizational policies, practices, and accountability, advocacy, member agency certifications and funding, nonprofit resources, research and statistics, relationships with other United Ways, and press comments.


Liz Feitl
AFL-CIO Community Service Liaison

liz (at)
  /  ext. 17

Contact me about displaced worker services, organized labor services, the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive, and the NonProfit Alliance training, outreach, and networking committee. 


Chris Hazel
Finance Director

chris (at)
  /  ext. 12

Contact me about donation pledges, donor designations, NAP credits, invoice or billing questions, and tax receipts.


Hannah Hirsch
Assistant Director of Resource Development

hannah (at)
  /  ext. 27

Contact me about the IU campaign, general United Way inquiries, and the EFSP program.



Jennifer Hottell
Community Engagement Director

jenn (at)  /  ext. 10

Contact me about website content, marketing, obtaining a logo, media inquiries, agency and program outcomes, and special projects.


Amy Leyenbeck
Community Initiatives Director

amy (at)  /  ext. 11

Contact me about Free Community Tax Service, Dollars and Sense, Let's Read, Real Men Read, Kindergarten Countdown, Road Map to Success, High School Plus Coalition, and the Financial Stability Alliance. 


Sherrie Shuler
Resource Development Director

sherrie (at)  /  ext. 13

Contact me about workplace campaigns, making individual or corporate donations, and other ways of supporting United Way of Monroe County. 


Additional Contact Information
United Way of Monroe County, Inc.
431 South College Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47403
(812) 334-8370
FAX: (812) 334-8387


Catherine Blankensop, Communications Associate, communications (at)
David Gardner, Education Associate, edu (at)
Heather Hoffmeyer, Cox Scholar, Management & Policy Intern, heather (at)
Amy Kendall, IU Campus United Way Coordinator Intern, aekendal (at)
Madison Martin, Health Associate, health (at)
Andrew Poulter, Financial Stability Associate, programs (at)
Bonnie Tu, Finance Intern
Grace Zhou, Finance Intern


NonProfit Alliance,

  • Born Learning
  • Financial Stability Alliance
  • Monroe Smart Start
  • Familywize Discount Prescription Card
  • Bank On Bloomington