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Roadmap to Success

For students, parents, and counselors, an innovative tool to help guide career and school choices is now available. The interactive Roadmap to Success website will help users in Monroe County navigate resources that increase high school success and completion, as well as encourage college and career readiness. The Roadmap to Success ( guides users to information about workforce, colleges and training programs, ways to pay and save for education after high school, and much more.

Containing up-to-date national and local resources, the Roadmap tailors them to suit the needs of each user. The Roadmap begins by asking whether the user is a student, parent/guardian, service organization, educator, or community member or business. The questions continue to build on one another until the user is presented with a personalized resource page that contains relevant local and national information that they may view and email to themselves or others.

All teenagers need a plan for their future. The Roadmap to Success allows teens to find resources that suit their individual plan - no matter if their plan includes career and technical education, college, the workforce, or service.

The motivation to create the Roadmap to Success website came from the need for a centralized access point for education and career related resources. High School Plus Coalition members realized that while there are many national and local resources available to Monroe County middle school and high school students, the county lacked a central way for people to access all of these resources in a user-friendly way.

During the launch in October 13, 2015, High School Plus Coalition members tested out the site and ran through possible scenarios of people seeking guidance. During the kick-off event hosted by Ivy Tech, Coalition members were given ID cards with information about a hypothetical student, parent, or community member; from there, they answered the questions presented by the Roadmap to create a tailored resource list.

According to Barry Lessow, United Way of Monroe County Executive Director, "Having a purposeful plan will make a significant difference in a student's ability to select a career based on their interests and real opportunities, and to take productive steps toward fulfilling their personal and professional goals. Knowing what routes will take you to your destination, and how to find the best on-ramp, are now easier because of this Roadmap. We were thrilled to develop this project in cooperation with RBB, MCCSC, IU, Ivy Tech, and other educators, youth organizations leaders, and workforce specialists." 

The Roadmap was developed using input from a High School Plus Coalition summit and the Coalition Steering Committee. The project is managed by the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Monroe County, which also provided funding.

Our thanks to WhimMill and Midwest Color Printing for their contributions to the Roadmap to Success.

The High School Plus Coalition, coordinated by the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce and United Way of Monroe County, strives to prepare all students to grow, graduate, and pursue their goals by creating a purposeful plan for the future. The Coalition was created in 2012 and is comprised of educators, guidance counselors and community members. Whether a student is college-bound or wants to enter the workforce, the High School Plus Coalition recognizes the necessity of everyone having both a high school diploma + a purposeful plan for their future. More information can be found at


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