Empowering People

Family in park

Resilient individuals are created when we strengthen families and the community that surrounds them.

That’s why we focus on empowering families socially, mentally, physically, and economically.

  • High-quality childcare and parental supports
  • Mentoring and self-esteem building
  • Financial empowerment
  • Trauma care and recovery
  • Life skills    

United Way and our partners are working hard each day to assure that we all have the skills and support systems needed not just to weather storms, but also thrive. This means that in our community, we invest in sliding scale, high-quality preschools, after-school and out-of-school programs for kids and teens, fostering mentoring relationships, and more.

We collaborate with others around particularly vulnerable populations to assure that at home, those kids also have stable environments, offering tools for parents to better connect with their child and to address any barriers to that potential for bonding and growing.

We invest in recovery programs, mental health care, employment supports, and financial empowerment programs through our ongoing partnerships with nonprofit agencies, and through our United Way initiatives such as those sponsored by our Financial Stability Alliance.