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“I love the local-ness of the website!” 
“The crisis feature is quick and useful.”
“I like the fun facts you have. Specifically the percentages that went with one of my scenarios!” 
These are just a few things that community members have had to say about the Roadmap to Success website since its launch in mid-October of last year. To date, the Roadmap has connected over 730 people to the resources they need to succeed. 
There are many local and national organizations that provide help with high school success and completion and encourage college and career readiness, but finding the right resource can be a challenge. The Roadmap to Success was created by United Way of Monroe County and the Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce as a way to compile information in one place about workforce, colleges and training programs, ways to pay and save for education after high school and more. 
In 2014, United Way received a grant to further our work making sure all students graduate high school ready to succeed. Working with the Chamber and the High School Plus Coalition, the Roadmap was developed from the ground up. 
The Roadmap to Success tailors a list of suggestions to each person who uses it. The easy-to-navigate site begins by asking questions, which build on one another. Based on the user’s responses, relevant information is compiled into a resource page that can be saved via email. Users can also browse all resources, which are categorized based on specific needs. 
On the home page there’s a link for students who may be thinking of dropping out of high school because of a financial, emotional, or housing crisis. Students who drop out, or who aren’t sure where to turn for help, are at risk for long-term harm and financial instability.
Parents and guardians, educators, service organizations, mentors, community members, and businesses can also use the Roadmap to learn more about helping their own students or supporting the students in the community. 
No matter students’ plans -- whether career and technical education, college, the workforce, or even if they don’t currently have a plan -- the Roadmap to Success can help them start on the right path to achieving their goals. 
Do you want to strengthen education in our community?

Please consider donating to the United Way Education Priority Fund. This fund helps children achieve their potential through cradle-to-career initiatives that ensure kids enter kindergarten ready to learn and graduate high school ready to earn success in college or career.

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