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Legacy Donor Spotlight: Conna and Richard Oram

“People still ask us why we left Texas for Indiana! Bloomington offers a unique combination of everything we love.”   

In the four years ago since their move from Austin after retiring, Conna and Richard Oram have already established deep roots through their volunteer work at United Way and other local agencies. “We both believe it is important to experience the effects of income inequality on individuals to better understand its implications for society,” Richard said.  

Both Conna and Richard retired from careers in education. Richard worked at the University of Texas for over 30 years as an academic special collections library administrator and curator of rare books. Conna enjoyed her time as a high school Latin teacher for over two decades.  

“Richard was able to continue his volunteer work with the United Way Free Community Tax Service, similar to his volunteer work in Texas, and I’ve volunteered for this and other local programs, which give us much fulfillment and meaning,” Conna said. Amy Leyenbeck, Community Initiatives Director at United Way commented, “The Oram’s have been great volunteers; Richard’s been a tremendous site coordinator for our tax program!”    

During the last several months of isolation, the Orams revisited their estate plans, wanting to include a community impact gift in their wills. Richard shared that after conferring with their advisors, they altered their wills to include a legacy gift to United Way, “Something that could bring about change for years in the community.”  

“We were very excited to make this decision and hope that others in our generation will do likewise and help create change beyond their own lifetimes.”    

If you would like to discuss the potential of a legacy gift to United Way, please consult your tax and estate professionals. Resource Development Director, Sherrie Shuler, is happy to discuss your interest in leaving a lasting gift to the community with United Way. Contact her at (812) 334-8370, ext 13 or  

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