Serving Monroe, Owen, and Greene Counties

Why Give?

United Way of Monroe County is improving people’s lives every day. People can do a better job in every aspect of their lives when they have the Three Es – Education, Earnings, and Essentials. That’s why our work focuses on these building blocks that make such a difference in the daily lives, and futures, of local individuals and families.  

When you give to United Way, you may designate your gift to support one or more of the three Es, a specific agency, or the Community Action Fund, which funds the community's current greatest needs.

Your gift to the Community Action Fund is invested in 25 local member agencies and United Way collaborative initiatives. Each year, the United Way Allocations Committee distributes donations among the member agencies and initiatives.
Whether you give a little or a lot, your dollar goes a long way. You may also rest assured that United Way of Monroe County is highly accountable to our contributors.


10 More Reasons to Contribute to United Way of Monroe County

  1. United Way is results oriented. Programs are funded based on results. United Way helps people become self-sufficient members of our community. We address today’s needs and work to reduce tomorrow’s.
  2. United Way is local. Contributions stay in our community. The Board of Directors is made up of local volunteer leaders who make the decisions about where funds can do the most good.
  3. United Way helps the most people. Services funded by United Way have a broad reach – touching 1 in 3 people each year.
  4. United Way campaigns are fun. United Way campaigns are fun, build morale, and strengthen teams. Running a campaign is an efficient use of resources.
  5. United Way brings us together. United Way brings together business, government, education, and social services to address community needs.
  6. United Way inspires people to do more. Everyone feels good about giving, knowing that their donations directly help those who need help the most.
  7. United Way cares about our community. United Way focuses on people and issues close to us: food, housing, health care, emergency services, children and youth, employment, people with disabilities, and older adults.
  8. United Way is efficient. Low administrative and fundraising costs means more money goes to services in the community. Donations are wisely invested in high-quality, results-oriented programs.
  9. United Way is a dependable partner. For over 60 years, United Way of Monroe County has been here, working with you to improve people’s lives. We want all of our neighbors to enjoy the quality of life that comes from a caring community.
  10. United Way – It’s the right thing to do. Simply put, giving to United Way is the right thing to do. Your contributions ensure that people have an opportunity to break cycles of poverty, violence, and hopelessness and replace them with self-sufficiency, security, and hope.

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