Strengthen the Safety Net

Volunteers at food pantry

A resilient safety net makes sure that no one in our community goes without having their basic needs of food, shelter, healthcare, and personal safety met.

That’s why we focus on food and nutrition, shelter and housing options, financial help to pay the bills, and more.

  • Financial assistance
  • Food security
  • Housing security
  • Healthcare and mental health
  • Domestic violence

With our many partners in the community, United Way continues to prioritize investing in the critical network of services that assure individuals and families are meeting their most basic needs. We raise our voices in advocacy for legislation at all levels that will protect our most vulnerable, and we pursue additional opportunities to bring dollars into our community to better meet the needs of those living in poverty or hovering right above it.

Targeted initiatives around housing security and food security allow us to tackle persistent issues more effectively, in addition to our ongoing funding for services such as food pantries, shelters for people in crisis, transportation, mental and physical healthcare, and help with rent, mortgage, and utilities. The recent initiative to advance housing security, supported by the community and housed at United Way, is one model for bringing all of us together around a shared goal.