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Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Credits

United Way of Monroe County is proud to work with local nonprofits to ensure they sell their current allotment of Indiana Neighborhood Assistance Program Credits. NAP tax credits are "sold" to donors by certain nonprofits. These credits, 50% of your contribution amount, can then be subtracted from your Indiana income tax liability. See your tax advisor for more information. 

To assist in this process, NAP Credit purchases from any of the following agencies can be made through United Way of Monroe County by Vanguard donors and they will count toward the Vanguard donor's total gift. 

United Way can work with you to handle the paperwork and will NOT charge any pledge processing fees for handling these donations. The Vanguard donor only needs to designate $1,000 of the total gift to the United Way Community Action Fund, which ensures the top priorities in our community are all being addressed. 

According to State of Indiana guidelines, NAP Credits must be purchased using cash or check. United Way donors can continue to fulfill their additional Community Action Fund pledges via cash, check, ACH, credit card, billing, or payroll deduction. 

For example, if you contribute $1,000 to the Community Action Fund and donate another $1,500 through United Way to purchase NAP credits, you will be considered a United Way Gold Vanguard (our $2,500-$5,000 level)... and all of the $1,500 will be forwarded to these agencies so that you receive the full value of your credits. As a service to all NAP agencies, United Way takes no processing fee.

You can find state NAP Credit information and guidelines here


The 2020 - 2021 NAP Credit Awards can be found here >>

  • Financial Stability Alliance
  • Monroe Smart Start
  • Familywize Discount Prescription Card
  • Born Learning
  • Bank On Bloomington