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The Work Ahead: United Way's Advocacy Agenda 2020

Community members, nonprofit representatives, and civic leaders from around the region gathered on the morning of the October 10 to discuss the 2020 United Way advocacy agenda with Kathryn Habecker, impact and advocacy manager of Indiana United Ways, as a part of the Wake Up! with United Way breakfast series.  
“I think it’s important to remember that advocacy really is inclusive of all people and many different topics,” Habecker said.

Homelessness: Unpacking the Point in Time Count

Bright and early on the morning of September 12, over 40 community members gathered to unpack the point in time count of homelessness in the Monroe County community and across the nation. 
“We’re going to be talking about a lot of numbers today, and behind each number is a human person,” Executive Director of Shalom Community Center Rev. Forrest Gilmore said before beginning his presentation.

Autism Spectrum Disorder: What to Know

Early in the morning on August 8, community members gathered at the quaint BloomingTea with Jim Wiltz, PhD HSPP, director of Milestones, the clinical division of Stone Belt, for Wake Up! with United Way “Autism Spectrum Disorder: What to Know.” 
“One question I often get is, ‘So, are you trying to cure autism?’ No, that’s not what we’re trying to do because that’s not really possible,” he said.

Unteachable & Difficult: Understanding Childhood Trauma

“You’ve each been given a magic wand to address the issue of childhood trauma. The catch is, you can only pick one thing. What would you pick that would have the biggest impact on this issue?”  

Panelists explored this and other questions posed by the audience at the July 11th Wake Up! With United Way which focused on "Unteachable and Difficult - Understanding Childhood Trauma.”  


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