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How We Help

Your support of United Way of Monroe County helps to improve people’s lives in our community.

1. We collaborate on initiatives that help individuals and families have opportunities and ensure everyone can meet basic living needs. Together, we can help people in need meet their critical needs today. More than that, we can work together to create the kind of stability that reduces those urgent situations.

Your donations are what make our initiatives possible. Thanks to your support, in 2019, United Way's initiatives provided important services to the community...

  • To promote early literacy and school readiness skills United Way partnered with IU Health Riley Physicians for the ‘Let’s Read’ program to distribute information packets and 3,927 books to children at their 6-months through 5-years wellness visits.  
  • United Way's Real Men Read initiative brought 21 male mentors into 21 kindergarten classrooms to read a book five times throughout the year, with the goal of encouraging all children to see reading as something that men value. During 2019 we distributed 2,350 books to 470 kindergarten students. 
  • United Way Financial Coaching participants increased their assets by an average of $2800 and paid off an average of $4501 in debt. Additionally, 75% of participants increased their Financial Stability Score and 50% increased their credit score. The other 50% froze their credit, meaning they are actively taking steps to protect themselves from credit fraud, an important step in financial stability.    
  • Community and corporate volunteers created 140 gift baskets -- with essential newborn items, books, Born Learning materials, and personal care items -- for at-risk first-time moms through a collaboration between United Way and Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP). The NFP program pairs first-time moms with a personal registered nurse to offer education and support during and after pregnancy, up until the child is two years of age. Research shows that the NFP program leads to healthier pregnancies, healthier babies, and improved lives for mothers.
  • In response to 4 tornado events in June 2019, United Way launched the Tornado Relief Fund, which raised $33,000 and assisted 11 low-income households with home and property repair assistance so they may continue to live safely in their homes.  
  • United Way provides support for the statewide 2-1-1 service. In 2019, 2-1-1 specialists and online database searches responded to 3,473 inquiries from Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties. Most callers were seeking help with housing, utilities assistance, food, and mental health care.
  • In Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties residents saved a total of $30,257 in prescription drug costs through the FamilyWize discount prescription drug card distributed by United Way of Monroe County at agencies, pharmacies, and community outreach events.  
  • The Free Community Tax Service program brought together 131 volunteers to help local residents file 2,317 federal returns, saving clients as much as $1,058,869 in tax preparation fees and bringing back more than $2. 7 million in refunds and credits, at 8 full-service VITA sites managed by United Way, plus 2sites managed by AARP/TCE. Residents could also file using Clients report using those funds and the Earned Income Tax Credits to pay for food, clothing, bills, rent, and to put toward savings. 258 filers received EIT credits.

2. We provide financial allocations to 24 member agencies who use these grants for immediate good and as matching funds to bring additional state, federal, and private grants into our community. With our help, member agencies use less of their own money and energy on fundraising efforts. We also provide them with resources, materials, technical support, and professional development opportunities.

You are critical to our efforts. When you choose to donate, you improve a life. In turn, United Way of Monroe County creates opportunities right here at home. 
In 2019, donations and grants to United Way created valuable impacts…

  • 1,190 at-risk community members, 55% of them children, participated in mental health services at no or low-cost.  
  • Of the high school seniors enrolled in mentoring programs at United Way member agencies, 90% graduated and 82% have plans to attend college or vocational school. 
  • 461 youth benefitted from over 16,711 hours of tutoring at United Way member agencies.
  • 92% of children served were proficient on school readiness assessments by the end of their kindergarten year.   
  • 478 school children received supports like clothing, shoes, school supplies, medical services, and special transportation assistance so they could fully participate in classes.  
  • 33 community members with disabilities transitioned into fully independent employment because they no longer needed workforce support.  
  • 90% of people in programs designed to help them recover from crisis and get back on their feet made measurable progress towards self-sufficiency.  
  • 2,687 local residents were provided with free legal advocacy and representation for matters such as housing, protective orders, tax issues, and SNAP benefits.  
  • 181,751 bags of groceries and 2,192,133 meals were provided to community members at risk of hunger in Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties.  
  • 1,290,922 pounds of fresh produce were distributed through food pantries. 
  • 2,873 households – including over 1,150 children, elderly, and people with disabilities – were assisted with housing. 
  • 94% of people residing in transitional shelter moved into stable, long-term housing.  
  • 512 community members were assisted with obtaining health insurance.  
  • 1,021 community members received preventive and emergency health care services at no or low cost.


The list goes on. Read more about our initiatives and our member agencies, whose work is funded in part by United Way’s Community Action Fund.


3. We understand that a strong nonprofit sector will translate into a stronger community. United Way helps community organizations acquire the knowledge, tools, and resources to fulfill their missions.   

Find out more. Visit Nonprofit Resources.

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