Heading Home Working Group

Kim Alexander, Bloomington Township
Leah Baker, Monroe County
Anne Bright, Retired
Beverly Calender-Anderson, City of Bloomington
Mary Catherine Carmichael, City of Bloomington
Jeff Cockerill, Monroe County
Dan Combs, Perry Township
Jennifer Crossley, Monroe County Council
Michael Diekhoff, Bloomington Police Department
Efrat Feferman, United Way of Monroe County
Matt Flaherty, City of Bloomington
James (JT) Fries, Centerstone
Natalia Galvan, 9th District Latino Caucus Chair
Michael Gastineau, Cook Medical
Forrest Gilmore, Beacon Inc.
Shawna Girgis, IU Health Foundation
Penny Githens, Monroe County
Leon Gordon, Bloomington Housing Authority
Liz Grenat, Community Justice & Mediation Center
John Hamilton, City of Bloomington
Jerry Hays, Owen County State Bank
Jenn Hottell, United Way of Monroe County
Peter Iversen, Monroe County Council
Nicole Johnson, Pigeon Hill Pantry
Lee Jones, Monroe County Board of Commissioners
Dana Jones, Wheeler Mission
Yael Ksander, Community Member
Donna Lowry, Cook Medical
Greg May, MedMark Treatment Center
Vanessa McClary, South Central Indiana Kiwanis
LaSaundra McCoy, Bloomington Police Department
Paula McDevitt, City of Bloomington
Geoff McKim, Monroe County Council
Chris Meyers, Area 10 Agency on Aging
Kathleen Mills, Monroe County Community School Corporation
Debra Morrow, Middle Way House
Monica Patterson, Cook Medical
Jennifer Pearl, Bloomington Economic Development Corporation
Jana Pereau, Community Member
Tina Peterson, Community Foundation of Bloomington and Monroe County
Isabel Piedmont-Smith, Bloomington Common Council
Vicki Pierce, Community Kitchen of Monroe County
Emily Pike, New Hope for Families
Melissa Price-McDonald, Cook Medical
Angie Purdie, Monroe County
Tonda Radewan, Housing & Eviction Prevention Project (HEPP)
Heather Robinson, Bloomington Health Foundation
Ellen Rodkey, Indiana University Foundation
Susan Sandberg, Bloomington Common Council
Sue Sgambelluri, Bloomington Common Council
Sherrie Shuler, United Way of Monroe County
Ron Smith, Bloomington Common Council
Lindsey Smith, Former Military, Previous Office of Family and Children Services
Danielle Sorden, Beacon Inc.
Eric Spoonmore, Greater Bloomington Chamber of Commerce
Molly Stewart, Bloomington Homeless Coalition
Melissa Stone, Bloomington Police Department
Ben Swanson, Secretly Canadian
Julie Thomas, Monroe County Board of Commissioners
Kerry Thomson, Indiana University Center for Rural Engagement
Diane Walker, District 10 Pro Bono Project
Adam Wason, City of Bloomington
Keirsten White, Beacon Inc.
Kirk White, Indiana University
Kate Wiltz, Monroe County Council
Grier Carson, Monroe County Public Library
Pete Yonkman, Cook Medical
John Zody, City of Bloomington