Serving Monroe, Owen, and Greene Counties

The Impact of a Dollar

Whether you give a little or a lot, you make a difference!

When you donate to United Way, over 98% of your gift remains in Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties helping families, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, and co-workers.

At United Way of Monroe County, administrative costs are very low because so many volunteers help to raise and allocate funds.

Our member agencies and initiative partners face difficult times. Resources have decreased as needs have increased. Because of United Way, member agencies can spend less of their own money and energy on fundraising efforts. United Way also offers its members agencies resources, materials, technical support, and professional development opportunities.

To read more about the importance of your gift, visit MyImpact.

$1/week ($52 annually) provides:

  • Two full days of summer camp for an at-risk child.
  • School supplies for five students to help them thrive academically.
  • One month of art supplies for a teen-centered visual art program.
  • Legal advice for two clients about their rights and responsibilities. 
  • Two people with bus transportation to a new job for a month.

$2/week ($104 annually) provides:

  • 25 sack meals to hungry children throughout the year.
  • A season of volleyball for an at-risk girl.
  • 17 packages of diapers for families staying in homeless shelters.
  • family counseling session.
  • prenatal ultrasound for a low-income woman.

$3/week ($156 annually) provides:

  • Support for one person with a disability to receive on the job training for one month and maintain employment.
  • A year of healthy groceries and food education services for a family of 4. 
  • One night of emergency housing for a family in the aftermath of a home fire. 
  • Ten patients with a cholesterol / lipid test.
  • A scout with a year of programs that emphasize character development, citizenship, fitness, and leadership.

$5/week ($260 annually) provides:

  • A year of healthy, balanced meals for a preschooler in a high-quality childcare program.
  • High-quality after school programs and one-on-one tutoring for one student during the school year
  • Life saving mammogram screenings for two low-income women.
  • A twelve-week social skills and support group for an at-risk youth.
  • An eye exam and glasses to an elementary student from a low-income home.

$10/week ($520 annually: Young Leader Society Level) for those age 40 and under) provides:

  • Two low-income elementary students with a backpack full of healthy food each week.
  • 52 families with necessary household items such as dishes, linens, and small appliances.
  • Diagnostic cancer screenings for 2 low-income women with abnormal pap tests. 
  • Support for a mentoring match relationship between a Big and Little brother or sister for 6 months.
  • The cost of medical care for one equine therapy horse for a year.

$20/week ($1,040 annually: Vanguard Silver Level) provides: 

  • Provides a fresh and nutritious home delivered meal to 9 local homebound seniors each week. 
  • Utilities for one low-income vulnerable family for three months.
  • 36 newly employed individuals with special work related equipment such as steel toe boots.
  • Four families with vouchers to Opportunity House for clothing and household necessities.
  • Three low-income diabetic people with insulin for one year.
  • Coping With Deployments course for 10 family members to help military family members respond to stress and strain from deployment.
  • 52 people in need with prescription assistance.

$50/week ($2,600 annually: Vanguard Gold Level) provides:

  • A food pantry with food for two weeks, providing groceries for 7,600 low-income people.
  • A month's worth of financial assistance for six families behind on their rent or mortgage payments to prevent them from being evicted while they regain self-sufficiency.
  • safe and stable home for one person or a couple for six months.
  • 185 hours of quality early childhood care for families getting back on their feet in transitional shelter.
  • Truck fuel and fleet maintenance for a month to pick up and deliver food.
  • Monthly on the job support for a person with a disability for one year.

$100/week ($5,200 annually: Vanguard Gold Level) provides:

  • Provides 5 kids on the waiting list with a Big Brother or Big Sister for a year
  • A full year of individual counseling for a client in need.
  • Rent and utilities for a family in need for six months.
  • 24-hour security to keep a domestic violence emergency shelter safe for one year.

$150/week ($7,800 annually) provides:

  • 4+ hours a week of training and support for a person with disabilities, helping him find or maintain employment and become more self-sufficient.

$200/week ($10,400 annually: Vanguard Benjamin Harrison Level) provides:

  • An apartment and supportive services for a year for a person with disabilities who has been repeatedly homeless.

$250/week ($13,000 annually: Vanguard Benjamin Harrison Level) provides:

  • A year of licensed and accredited childcare for an at-risk child ensuring she is ready to succeed when she starts kindergarten.

$500/week ($26,000 annually) provides:

  • A new non-refrigerated van to pick-up and deliver non-perishable food.



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