Serving Monroe, Owen, and Greene Counties

The Impact of a Dollar

Whether you give a little or a lot, you make a difference!

When you donate to United Way, over 98% of your gift remains in Monroe, Owen, and Greene counties helping families, friends, neighbors, schoolmates, and co-workers.

At United Way of Monroe County, administrative costs are very low because so many volunteers help to raise and allocate funds.

Our member agencies and initiative partners face difficult times. Resources have decreased as needs have increased. Because of United Way, member agencies can spend less of their own money and energy on fundraising efforts. United Way also offers its members agencies resources, materials, technical support, and professional development opportunities.

To read more about the importance of your gift, visit MyImpact.

$1/week ($52 annually) provides:

  • 50 bags of groceries to low-income families.
  • School supplies to help students complete their homework. 
  • Art supplies for 50 low-income teens participating in an after-school program.
  • A financial planning seminar for up to 50 families with special needs members, providing resources and information they need to support their children in the future. 
  • Two people with bus transportation to a new job for a month.

$2/week ($104 annually) provides:

  • An educational session about healthy relationships for youth, parents, and community members. 
  • Shoes for 8 high-school or middle-school students in need.
  • Bus passes for 6 students needing alternative transportation to school.
  • A student with Dual Credit Course textbooks enabling him to earn college credit and strengthen his potential for success in post-secondary education.
  • A diabetic person with blood sugar test strips for a year.

$3/week ($156 annually) provides:

  • One day of Emergency Shelter services for victims of domestic violence.
  • An annual comprehensive reproductive health care exam for two low-income women. 
  • 3 weeks of grief counseling for a child who has lost a loved one. 
  • School supplies for 5 children living in transitional shelter.
  • New school clothing for 3 children from low-income homes.

$5/week ($260 annually) provides:

  • A full day of food and shelter for 5 people after a natural disaster.
  • Plant starts, trays, and seeds for 1.5 acre community garden that will provide food for those in need. 
  • A classroom of kindergarteners with 5 free books each and a trained Real Men Read mentor for the school year.
  • First aid supplies for over 340 individuals with disabilities.
  • An eye exam and glasses to an elementary student from a low-income home.

$10/week ($520 annually: Young Leader Society Level) for those age 40 and under) provides:

  • A low-income elementary student with a backpack full of healthy food each week.
  • Gifts for 20 children during the holidays.
  • A flu vaccine to help 52 high-risk, low-income patients prepare for winter months. 
  • Teens on the verge of homelessness with a week of independent living support to help them finish high school, attain employment, and work on the necessary skills to obtain stable housing.
  • 2 diagnostic cancer screenings for low-income women with an abnormal Pap test result.

$20/week ($1,040 annually: Vanguard Silver Level) provides: 

  • 10 hours of therapeutic equine therapy to help a child with disabilities gain strength and focus.
  • Complete prenatal services for one low-income uninsured woman in the community. 
  • Birth certificates for 50 people, which will help them in securing housing, employment, health care, and other necessary resources.
  • A year’s worth of art supplies to help over 100 preschoolers enrolled in a high-quality child care program build fine motor and creativity skills.

$30/week ($1,560 annually: Vanguard Silver Level) provides:

  • Intensive in-school mental health counseling services for an at-risk child and his family for a full school year. 
  • 5 months of weekly job support so a person with development disabilities can maintain employment helping him become more self-sufficient.
  • 12 diagnostic mammograms for low-income women.
  • 6 at-risk kids with a scholarship to attend daily afterschool programs and receive one-on-one tutoring.

$50/week ($2,600 annually: Vanguard Gold Level) provides:

  • Fresh fruit every weekend for 8 low-income elementary students enrolled in Backpack Buddies.
  • Legal representation for a domestic violence survivor seeking to retain custody of her children in a dispute filed by the abuser.
  • 100 nights of safe transitional housing for a family working to get back on their feet.

$100/week ($5,200 annually: Vanguard Gold Level) provides:

  • One month of supportive housing and utilities for 9 teens at risk of becoming homeless. 
  • A full truckload of fresh produce for distribution to nearly 100 human service agencies.
  • 400 hours of high quality programs and meaningful activities for homeless children staying with their family in a transitional shelter.
  • Legal representation for 10 workers who have been unable to file their tax returns because of refund-related identity theft.

$200/week ($10,400 annually: Vanguard Benjamin Harrison Level) provides:

  • Food supplies for an entire year at an emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence.
  • An apartment and supportive services for a year for a veteran with disabilities who has been repeatedly homeless.

$250/week ($13,000 annually: Vanguard Benjamin Harrison Level) provides:

  • A year of licensed and accredited childcare for an at-risk child ensuring she is ready to succeed when she starts kindergarten.



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