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"Play is the highest form of research" ~ Albert Einstein

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Play is an integral part of human development and helps children be school ready. Through play, kids develop skills to interact with others, turn thought into action, and create.

We developed this Play infographic to highlight (in a playful way) how and why play is so important to developing brains and bodies. We welcome you to print, e-mail, share in social media (see below for sample posts), and use as a slideshow.

Available as single graphic, a print-at-home format, and coloring pages, the Play Infographic will be especially helpful to families, caretakers, and anyone who regularly spends time with children.

Download now as a:

A continuous, high-resolution digital image file is available upon request at

Want to share the Play Infographic with your social networks? Here are a couple sample social media posts:

  • What's learned on the playground affects what's learned in the classroom. Research shows babies, toddlers, and children develop and refine their physical, intellectual, and social-emotional well-being when they play. It can also lead to amazing discoveries and help develop new interests. Check out United Way of Monroe County's infographic on how exploration contributes to a healthy childhood and encourage play to be a priority in the lives of children today!
  • You've heard the cliché about "all work and no play." In fact, play is so much more than simply having fun. Free play contributes significantly to the intellectual, social and emotional development of young children, develops interests, provides physical exercise, and relieves natural stress. Check out United Way of Monroe County's infographic on how play contributes to a healthy childhood, and encourage play to be a priority in the lives of children today!

Additional play resources:

Thanks to Community Initiatives interns Brooke Nurrenburn and Krista Grant for their key role in developing this project..

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