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Campaign Spotlight: Co-Chair Denise Lessow

"United Way has evolved to meet new challenges," said Denise. "It makes investments where they will do the most good. It makes sure that, every day, people have access to healthful food, decent shelter, quality medical care and supportive crisis services. And it helps those services stay coordinated with one another and ensures accurate local information is available to anyone 24/7 through the free anonymous 2-1-1 information and referral line."
Denise has been volunteering with United Way since the 1980s. She has seen this organization grow and change in years since, but values its commitment to serving all members of our community. 
"My husband, Barry, and I have supported United Way since we were graduate students at IU in the late 1980s. Even though our budget was very limited, we felt the need to contribute to the community we called home. After doing research, United Way seemed like the best way. For one, it was a convenient way to contribute to the efforts of agencies that were making important differences. And, we liked that United Way was doing several important jobs - providing coordination, encouraging conversation, and keeping in communication. It made sense for us to support a system that made sense... and it still does."
"United Way did its job thirty years ago and it does its job, a really key job, now," said Denise Lessow, Campaign Co-Chair. "I am honored to have worked with Wendy Hernandez, and with Efrat and her excellent team, to co-chair the 2017-2018 campaign." 
Denise commented on United Way’s commitment to increasing educational opportunities in the community. 
“The first step to a successful career is a good education, but being ready for school is largely dependent on what happens during a baby’s first five years of life. So, United Way works with partners to strengthen those critical birth-to-5 development experiences,” said Denise. “And it continues that commitment as the child ages, providing in-school supports and outside-of-school services and mentors. The Roadmap to Success online app helps students start thinking early about their plan after high school graduation. It has labor market data, scholarship information, and a range of services that support kids (and their parents) through graduation and then toward whatever post-secondary they want to pursue.”
She went on to discuss how United Way and our member agencies help hard working community members not only get ahead, but stay ahead. 
“Some people struggle to get a job and have a life stable enough to keep it, so United Way ensures those job supports are available for workers of all ages,” said Denise. “And while earning money is key to financial stability, it’s important to know how to stretch those dollars. So, United Way supports services like free tax preparation for low-and moderate-income residents, classes on financial planning, free financial counseling, access to bank accounts even if people have had trouble in the past, and a range of resources useful to and through retirement.”
Thank you Denise for your continued support of United Way and all our neighbors. 
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