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LIVE UNITED Stories: Employment Supports

Cheryl lights up any room she enters. Her cheerful smile, strong work ethic, and positive attitude deeply touches the officers and staff at the IU Police Department — and earn her a spot as a valuable team member. Working at the IUPD has expanded Cheryl’s world, developed her skills, and increased her independence.

A client of Stone Belt Community Employment, Cheryl works three days a week at IUPD shredding, cleaning, and lightening the load of her co-workers. Stone Belt provides educational, residential, employment, and clinical resources to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. This support prepares and empowers clients to experience self-determination while participating fully in the life of the community.

97% of clients involved with Stone Belt and LifeDesigns supported employment programs gained useful job skills.

“She has done a lot more for us by her presence here than we could ever do for her… she is part of the IUPD family,” emphasized her boss, Captain Greg Butler. Cheryl’s job coach, Amy, checks in and provides support each week. Both Captain Butler and Amy agree that Cheryl is an amazing employee and has developed strong relationships with her co-workers. “For her to be able to go to work and be part of a team is highly important for Cheryl’s confidence,” exclaims Amy.

If you ask Cheryl what her favorite parts of her job are, she’s likely to enthusiastically respond, “Shredding! I like the police officers. I like being able to spend my money and save for other things.”

Cheryl’s sister, Trish, explained the family originally connected with Stone Belt because “we admired the organization for their ability to help families see the possibilities and not just limitations.” And possibilities are exactly what Stone Belt has provided Cheryl — including employment, more independence, and a great sense of accomplishment.

United Way is proud to work with member agencies and community partners who recognize the self-worth and possibilities within every individual. We help hard working individuals and families gain or maintain stable employment, increase and retain income, and build savings and assets.

When people have access to employment supports — like job coaching, affordable safe after-school child care, and transportation vouchers — our entire community is stronger. Together, united, we can make an impact, every day. That’s what it means to LIVE UNITED.


United Way helps ensure our neighbors increase and retain income.

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• lead the Financial Stability Alliance, bringing together partners to help residents build savings for the future
• developed mobile Free Community Tax Service to visit agencies serving people with disabilities
• support member agencies working with low-income, elderly, and vulnerable populations to increase work readiness


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