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Spotlight: Melissa Ward, IU Campaign Team Captain

"The sum of the good work is larger than its parts," said Melissa Ward, IU Campaign Team Captain. "I support the United Way for many personal reasons. The most compelling reason, though, is that United Way makes it easy for me to maximize my impact on our local community."
Though she's fairly new to Indiana and IU, her work with United Way has helped shape how she sees the community.
"All of the United Way agencies are led by, staffed by, and serve our neighbors," Melissa said. "Working with United Way has introduced me to all the great agencies and work being done in our community. We are really lucky to have such a wonderful support network for those who need it most." 
This is Melissa's second year participating in the IU Campaign and her first year on United Way's Vision Council
"It's been a very rewarding experience that I look forward to continuing," said Melissa.
Thanks Melissa for joining us in the fight to create sustainable solutions that improve our community.
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