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Campaign Spotlight: BKD

"BKD is always very excited to support Monroe County's United Way campaign." We caught up with Synda Hatt, Senior Associate with BKD to find out more about their United Way campaign. 

"We recognize United Way's commitment throughout the year to helping the children in our community to be successful in school, families to become financially stable, and everyone in the community to have the essentials like health care, food, & housing, and to become vital members of the community."
Synda let us in on a few secrets of their fundraising success. BKD ran a two-week campaign with incentives along the way. Their team set a goal to increase each individual's donation by 3% and if this goal was met, BKD would host a pizza and cookies lunch day.  
As an additional challenge, if all pledge forms were returned by the due date, the following day would be designated a special College Wear day for employees to wear jeans, favorite college shirt, and sneakers. The BKD team rose to the challenge, and met both goals -- with their individual goal increase being over 13%!  
Thanks to BKD for stepping
 up for our community!

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  • Financial Stability Alliance
  • Monroe Smart Start
  • Familywize Discount Prescription Card
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